21Dukes Casino relies on simple but deadly effective tactics in its range of games. There are exactly five game genres available: casino 21dukes, table games, lotteries, jackpots and more.

As the name implies, 21Dukes Casino’s game offerings mainly include many different slot machines, as well as several other 21Dukes Casino games. The player can choose from the old RAY slot machines and other slot machines such as Double Pot and Joker Poker. These online games also have higher return percentages than RAY, so the chances of winning are higher. In addition to slot machines, 21Dukes Casino has familiar table games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as the most popular video slots such as Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. One of the strengths of slot machines is their versatility. So specifically in the area of slot machines. Quantitatively, 21Dukes Casino has only a few hundred games. 21Dukes Casino does not offer poker apps, live games or anything else unusual.

However, a feature of the slot machines is the online casino’s own slot machines under the Vares, Kummeli and Perttupotti brands. 21Dukes Casino constantly offers bonuses, free spins and promotions for these games. A lot of the secret to the success of the slot machines is that the games are geared toward Australians. It’s hard to think of a much more Australian game than Kummeli.

21Dukes Casino – unique gambling slots

Hake was released on slots in August 2017. It is a slot with 20 paylines, five reels and three lines.In terms of volatility, Kummeli is classified as a medium level game. You can play the heck with a bet of 0.01-25, and the return percentage is just over 94. The heck can match the top prize of 25,000, and the game has both bonus and scatter symbols. Kummel, on the other hand, has no painful wild symbols, overlapping wild symbols, wild odds, regular odds, falling symbols, random bonus rounds, sticky win feature, re-spin, expanding reels, game statistics, more spins, fast spins,. The slot machine, like the mobile version of the game, however, there is.

Just as surprisingly, Kummel’s target group is Australian players. It’s 100% branded, which means Kummeli approved the game and participated in its development. Kummel members even developed new character sketches for the game and washed their faces and voices solely and exclusively in the slot game at online-21Dukes Casino. Quite an honor! In Hammock you have to try to collect 3 V symbols side by side to get into the bonus round. The Scartter symbol is an image of the entire Kummeli gang, and three Scatterers give you a shot at free spins. The Tukka Metalisal (brilliantly interpreted by Heikki Vihinen) is the Joker symbol in the game. After all, the Joker is known to match any other character and is an extremely desirable symbol in any slot game.

What makes 21Dukes Casino unique is that you won’t find this game at any other casino. Bonuses, free spins and all things hack are only served at slot machines. So of all the possible online casinos in the world, only 1 serves this treat!

21Dukes Casino is the flagship slot machine

Vares is the second flagship slot machine. Vares, created by Play ‘N Go, of course, is based on the Australian TV series of the same name. The character of Vares was originally played by Juha Vejonen, and then Antti Reini. Vares is a detective originally written by Reio Mäki. Nine films were made about Vares, directed by Aleksi Mäkelä, Anders Engström, Lauri Torhönen and Hannu Salonen.

21Dukes Casino released the Vares video slot in August 2017 (at the same time as the Kummeli slot). The game’s payback percentage is 96, betting options are 0.01-37.5, the main payout is 133k, paylines are 15, reels are 5, lines are 3. The volatility level of the game is medium. The game has nice special features such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus symbols, overlapping wild symbols, progressive jackpot, mobile version, mutual wins and slot machine.